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Tulipa Filmes is a photography and video company that believes in transforming the world through art and care for the planet. We seek to act in the photographic and audiovisual field in a sustainable and quality way, and we have as values punctuality, commitment and a relationship of well being with our customers.

We have already worked in several segments such as institutional work, gastronomy, weddings, events on health and sustainability, artistic projects such as short films and dance performances, in addition to having carried out all kinds of photographic essays. 

With competent professionals and quality equipment, Tulipa Filmes is ready to serve you!



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Baile Concerto - OSBA (Balancê, o carnaval de Gal)
Bem Vindo a Tulipa Filmes
Evento Elite do Império
Viagem para o Egito
Alma das Gerais

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Salvador, Bahia
+55 (71) 99910-2164

Tulipa Filmes - CNPJ 29.130.216/0001-53

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