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Buquê de flores


             Hello! My name is Laís Moura, the girl who gets her hands dirty at Tulipa Filmes. I was, like any child, very immersed in creativity and imagination, and when I grew up I decided to professionalize it, studying Cinema and Audiovisual at the Federal University of Bahia and at Estácio. My training and experience as a videomaker and photographer extends throughout Brazil and abroad, and on November 23, 2017 I decided to found Tulipa to transform my craft into an even more professional job, with a unique identity and strong characteristics.

          To produce any work, I start from my world view: what I was shown + what I believe + what I would like to be. Who is a customer, attests and approves this blend blended in the blender that translates into the best I do, not because I think about the competition, but because I am guided by the principle of being light, no matter what.
      You can get to know a little more about me on my instagram, @tulipa.filmes, my portfolio of images and resume at and my portfolio of videos on our channel,

Anything else you want to know about me, just ask ;)

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